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Flay Consulting operates throughtout National Territory in Real Estate Permiting.

Composed by highly qualifed professionais, with more than 20 years of experience, specialized company in dealing with Public Agencies for the client needs.

Through ethics and compliance the company is engaged to find alternatives for the regularization.

Flay Consulting is renowed for addressing deadlines and focus on  quality and satisfaction service for the client.


Ensure excelence in consulting services for real estate permiting throughout Brazilian territory, satisfying customer needs, providing reliance to partners and employees.


To be an acclaimed Real Estate Permiting Company Nationwide, renowned for its professionalism, speed, technique and proactivity.


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- Idoneity and Honesty

The Flay Consulting have operated on several fronts, from the beginning to the end of the regulatory process, including:

It is imperative that before renting a particular property for the implementation of any activity, the following must be assessed:

  • Permission to use;
  • Urban Occupation Parameters;
  • Analysis of existing building regularity and increase of built area possibilities, or the need for reforms involving demolitions;
  • Parking lot implementation, including traffic impact analysis.

For these requirements we have a team of analysts, who evaluate the property as a whole, including the Municipal, State and Federal Spheres. By this way the purchase of the property or its lease is made in a safer way, having the buyer or tenant knowledge of all interference and regulation need that the property may have.

This analyses is performed in order for the client to have a fair negotiation being aware of all requirements for the regularization and implementation of the intended use at the property.

This type of study is delivered in the form of Technical and legal Feasibility Study, also known as EVTL.

This analysis aims at evaluating an existing leased or bought property, which is in operation.  It is made the search for all legal documentation, including approved plans, occupancy certificate, licenses and certificates. This search is performed at the employer archive or directly at Public Agencies. Having all the required documents it is performed a survey on site, which may include architectural measuring of the existing building, in order to evaluate if the property is according approved plans. If the property is not according to approved plans it is analysed if the alterations are possible to be regularized by the Public Agencies including the three levels: Municipal, State and Federal.

This analysis is delivered in Dossier format.

It is required to approve project for cosntruction of a specific building or to regularize an existing area in a building, these may involve:

  • Approval by the City Hall;
  • Approval by the Fire Department;
  • Security Project Approval;
  • Approval by  of Environment Department;
  • Approval by Traffic Agency;
  • Approval by the Health Surveillance;
  • Approval by Public Services Concessionaires;
  • Accessibility Project Approval.

After the approval of the above listed projects and construction or regularization of the building, there are licenses and certificates required for the operation of the intended activity on the property, including:

  • Certificate of Construction Completion (Occupancy Certificate);
  • AVCB – Fire Department survey approval;
  • Sanitary license;
  • Operation permit issued by Environment Department;
  • Security System Operating License;
  • Security System Maintenance Certificate.

It involves the necessary approvals and filings by the Real Estate Registry Office, involving the unification of lots, administrative corrections, demolitions annotation, buildings annotation, pledge revoke, etc.